Soulcraft with Judy Dixon


I facilitate ‘Day Workshops’ in small groups of 6-8 people.


  • Varied e.g.
  • Wellbeing – a focus on the inner self, wounds to heal.
  • Personal Journeys – building on soul passion and purpose
  • A Template for Transformational Living using 5 Strategies
  • A Day of Purpose – facilitating activities to assist with future planning
  • The Dance of Life – Comfort Zone or Joy
  • Approve of yourself, you're not here to prove yourself to others!
  • Choose to Forgive in Order to Heal

'The school’s holistic curriculum effectively promotes and supports student learning. The curriculum is underpinned by a Virtues Programme that recognises all people as spiritual beings with unique potential.'

Education Review Office 2015

Judy Dixon


Women's Inaugural Retreat

For my first ever Waiotahe Retreat I will be working in a partnership with my friend Faye. Faye is a local healer who works with people in the area and has years of experience in healing.

There will be opportunities for massage from Faye a Trained Teacher, Naturopath, & Theraputic Masseuse.
Dip Education Dip Naturopathy Dip Therapeutic Massage

Do you need a time to ‘be’ in a peaceful setting? The purpose of my retreats is to provide peace and support to enjoy the Transformational Virtue Character skills for Living. You will have the opportunity to learn new ways for planning change that will be helpful to you.

Waiotahe Beach Retreat

Women's Residential Retreat November 20th/21st/22nd at Judy's home Waiotahe Beach A time chosen 'on purpose' for you so you can be ' on purpose'. Sisters working together in a spiral of support using The Five Strategies for Transformational Living.

"I had the pleasure of having a two night, three day retreat on the virtues programmed hosted by Judy Dixon. I was excited and eager to experience and gain knowledge on my spiritual journey and I learned in abundance! Set in the most beautiful surroundings, Judy who really knows about love and communication, is amazing. I would recommend this course to anyone who desires to go within themselves to find out who they are and learn how to create authentic relationships based on love not fear. If you are ready to learn there is a wonderful teacher, Judy, to guide you on your journey of life."

Sue Gaskell Barlow (2020)


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Beach Retreat
Beach Retreat lounge
Beach Retreat Garden

Soulcraft Day Retreat

When: TBC
Place: Judy’s home
Time: 9am – 4pm
Cost: $70*
Bring: Your lunch, tea/coffee/fruit platter will be provided,
Homework: A question for yourself to problem solve, we will use a successful strategy.

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Public Speaking

I speak to groups of all sizes.


  • “Keep the Lid on Your Bucket”
  • “Growing Character with Virtues at Any Age”
  • “Aging to Saging”
  • Leadership – “Everyone’s a Leader”, “Leadership for this Day & Age”


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Judy Dixon

“A wonderful opportunity to be immersed in the authentic conversations and experiences that truly feed the soul! What a joy to take time out to reflect, rebalance and reconnect. ”

- Glynnis

“When we listen with less judgement, we always develop better relationships with each other. It’s not differences that divide us. It’s our judgement about each other that does. Curiosity and good listening bring us back together.”

-Wheatley 2002