Soulcraft with Judy Dixon


Haere mai - Welcome to my first ever blog. The reason why I wanted to begin this type of journaling was to offer a spiral of support and love for people who are looking for something to make sense of this world and their wholeness within it!

Lately I’ve worked with a group of people to look and their life’s journey to date and make changes as to how they wish to be for the continuing years.

Everyone has their own dance, some are extroverts and want to open their arms wide to new and exciting ventures, and some of us want just a little flame to radiate our own special light into the world.

Never worry if you are doing it wrong, for there is no right or wrong, it is your dance! Life is a new dance. Everyday it’s a new dance for each and every one of us! It is important to trust your own rhythm, your own movements, and your own way of being. I guess we can be aware and stop letting our past over-ride our future.

Your future hasn’t been written yet, so my challenge to you, is to make it a great one!!