Soulcraft with Judy Dixon


This acronym for life,  was mentioned by Sadhguru on You Tube. This is so simple to remember and it also connects with the 5 strategies of The Virtues Project.  The 'T' is for thankfulness, practicing gratitude everyday.  I find even when things are a challenge it's best to focus on all that we already are blessed to have. The 'I' is for inspiration and connects to the virtues strategy of honouring the spirit.  Honouring your spirit by reading something inspirational, this could be a poem, an inspirational person on YouTube or meeting with a friend for coffee who lifts your spirit with their positivity. M is for meditation and mindfulness and is also part of honouring your spirit. There is a difference between the two I'm told.  One being more structured.  I found with meditation I began for just 10minutes and felt so calm and connected. There's no wrong way and plenty of information on this subject.  Mindfulness helps us to make decisions in challenging times,  by acknowledging and accepting what the challenge is, and then breathing to balance your thoughts so you will choose the right response aligned to your values. The 'E' is for exercise and once again you are empowered to exercise in the way that suits you. Just move, use it or loose it as the saying goes. A simple acronym for life!!