Soulcraft with Judy Dixon

Strategies for Living With Soul

As promised I am going to unpack the 5 Strategies of the Virtues Project for you. Before I do I need to say the virtues are found in all the sacred texts of the world.  They are inclusive unlike values that are culture or religious in perspective. I will begin with the first strategy - Speaking the virtues language and is about speaking positively to yourself and others using virtues. Many of us were brought up with blame and shame words, many haven't been nurtured and it's not too late to look after the little child within!  You can acknowledge a virtue in you with self talk. Instead of saying..."that was a stupid thing to do" you can "Jude that took courage to try that ....". We know that language has great influence to empower or discourage. Self esteem can be destroyed with just a word of blame or shame. We can replace that language by acknowledging one another for the virtues we see, or calling each other to the virtues that are needed. If you fill your home with words such as stupid, lazy, and bad, that is the behaviour that follows, but if you use words such as courage, helpfulness and flexibility you are empowering those behaviours whether in a child, an employee or a friend.  More in my next blog!