Soulcraft with Judy Dixon

Reflections at this Time!

Who would have ever imagined such overt random acts of cruelty as is happening from Russia, and other nations world wide and covert hidden enemies in the form of Covid, Omicron and other strains? It is such a bewildering time and it is easy for people to dwell in fear and helplessness. It certainly isn't like life as we knew it anymore, and maybe once we accept that we begin to make changes to what is important for us. I've had to step beyond the limitations of self imposed boundaries. For myself I'm in the last third of my life span and have decided to say NO to SHOULDS and YES to I COULD but I choose not to do at this time! It's time to break free! There is so much to be healed in this fragile world but first we need to heal ourselves and then we can make a difference. I do believe the more you improve yourself and raise your energy vibration, the more you will see things that are beneficial to your wellbeing. Your skills will inspire others. We can all step into the light and take a leadership role no matter how small. Oh how we need leaders with wisdom during this time in history! What a shining example we have in the Ukrainian leader of service, and commitment to supporting his people to reach their dream of holding their country! No matter whatever happens, this leader has been a beacon of light for his people and us all. Each one of us can make a difference by visualizing yourself in the centre of a circle and experience yourself as the recipient of others kindness and love to you. Sharon Salzberg then suggests you repeat the following phrases of loving-kindness for yourself:- May I be safe, may I be happy, may I live with ease. You then expand the circle to your family, country, Ukrainians, etc., May they be safe, may they be happy, may they live with ease or peace. I truly believe the signs of true success is someone who enjoys raising up those around them. Our words are so powerful! I invite you to try this as I believe it's more positive than being paralyzed by fear and anxiety.