Soulcraft with Judy Dixon

From Micro to Macro

Being in Level 3 in the Waikato has certainly given one time to think, read, critically analyze beliefs and values at this time in the world where there is such polarization! I returned to delving into Quantum Physics and David Bohn's implicit' and 'implicit' ways of making sense of the world. I do believe that everything in the 'implicit' order is connected. A Systems Theorist Ervin Laszlo mentions the Hindu Akashic Field where we all have the potential access to all information through a kind of frequency lock. A bit like the atmosphere or biosphere that we all share. Then I found Teilhard de Chardin's term 'noosphere' where in 1922 he used this to describe a kind of emerging global consciousness. The Greek word 'nous' means mind and Teilhard was describing shared space where our minds interconnect. This space grows more complex and towards greater consciousness and more integration which he called the Omega Point. This is all about a supposed future when everything in the universe spirals toward a final point of unification. Looking at the fragmentation of the world at present this seems a long way into the future! In our Western world from the Renaissance to Modernism the self, individuality, agency and free will was important and when this was unleashed we had incredible creativity, hero accomplishment as well as greed and selfishness. My hope is that with this COVID virus, that we now realize, we just do not interact but interconnect and interdepend and thus we are interresponsible. Maybe this is the time to balance the power of autonomy with the power of interconnection! The virtue of Unity is powerful in that it brings people together where we see our commonality without devaluing our differences. Unity frees us from the divisiveness of prejudice and heals our fears. There is a lot of fear out there!!