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Reflections at this Time!

Who would have ever imagined such overt random acts of cruelty as is happening from Russia, and other nations world wide and covert hidden enemies in the form of Covid, Omicron and other strains? It is such a bewildering time and it is easy for people to dwell in fear and helplessness. It certainly isn't […]
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From Micro to Macro

Being in Level 3 in the Waikato has certainly given one time to think, read, critically analyze beliefs and values at this time in the world where there is such polarization! I returned to delving into Quantum Physics and David Bohn's implicit' and 'implicit' ways of making sense of the world. I do believe that […]
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The Soul's Journey

I believe the soul's journey begins at birthday until now! At this stage on your journey what do you still want to let go, begin a new, make a change? Maybe it's about letting go old patterns that do not serve us anymore. How many of us recognize our mother or father's voice when we […]
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Surviving Lockdowns

To all those of my generation out there I wonder how you survived these times? For me it has been a time to practice purposefulness and commitment to goals I have wanted to complete. I finally finished my 'Herstory for the Whanau' which was a journey down memory lane recalling, scenes, smells, experiences of my […]
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This acronym for life,  was mentioned by Sadhguru on You Tube. This is so simple to remember and it also connects with the 5 strategies of The Virtues Project.  The 'T' is for thankfulness, practicing gratitude everyday.  I find even when things are a challenge it's best to focus on all that we already are […]
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Strategies for Living With Soul

As promised I am going to unpack the 5 Strategies of the Virtues Project for you. Before I do I need to say the virtues are found in all the sacred texts of the world.  They are inclusive unlike values that are culture or religious in perspective. I will begin with the first strategy - […]
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Judy's Third Blog

As I watch what’s happening in the world with people and their responses to challenges, I’m once again reminded about the importance of a person’s character.  Martin Luther King Junior stated “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.” […]
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Judy’s Second Blog

A crisis, actual or perceived produces real change. When that crisis appears like Covid-19, the actions we take depend on the ideas that are around. Lockdown gave us an opportunity to realise what is important. How many of us have reviewed our beliefs and values over Lockdown? During this time we returned to an emphasis […]
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Haere mai - Welcome to my first ever, Blog. The reason why I wanted to begin this type of journaling was to offer a spiral of support and love for people who are looking for something to make sense of this world and their wholeness within it!
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