Soulcraft with Judy Dixon

About Me

I have worked in Education for 45+ years and had many different teaching positions before becoming a principal in a 7 teacher country school, followed by a 12 teacher and finally a 22 year principalship of a 700+ pupil urban decile 3 school.

Statements from my last ERO report affirmed my holistic view of learning and teaching . . .

'The school’s holistic curriculum effectively promotes and supports student learning. The curriculum is underpinned by a Virtues Programme that recognises all people as spiritual beings with unique potential.'

Judy Dixon, M.Ed, MNZM,
NEiTA Leadership Excellence Award
Master Facilitator of Virtues Character Development Project
Recipient The Woolf Fisher Fellowship

My Work

I am able to mentor people who are willing to grow and develop by helping with:

  • Appraisals that will shift thinking, beliefs and practice and create an awareness through noticing and recording these.
  • Facilitate workshops that focus on building a school culture that supports holistic development of staff and community.
  • Whole staff learning in developing, implementing and sustaining the Virtues Character Development Project.
  • Partnering with leadership teams to enable, empower and build confidence.
  • Supporting with developing a shared vision and shared charter that is a working document.
Judy Dixon


I am able to mentor by:

  • Companioning you to rediscover and redefine your authentic self.
  • Helping you and your team unpack beliefs and values to align theory and practice.
  • Supporting you to set and communicate clear personal and professional boundaries.
  • Sharing with you the language and strategies of the virtues to support purposeful, compassionate communication.
  • Supporting you with strategies that honour your own spirit and give you confidence to stand on your own sacred ground.

Mentorship $150 p/h
(Not GST Registered)

“For me personally I have valued Judy working with me, to challenge my thinking and encourage me to look at alternatives. Her reports reflected my performance
as a leader and gave suggestions for next steps. Judy used staff and student voice to help inform my report. She is inspirational and my own professional learning has grown.”

- Chris Jessop, Principal of Forest Lake School

“When we listen with less judgement, we always develop better relationships with each other. It’s not differences that divide us. It’s our judgement about each other that does. Curiosity and good listening bring us back together.”

-Wheatley 2002